A new platform product from ELIO. The kitchen that is laconic, massive and simple in form hides the secret: sliding modules for home appliances and accessories from glass and aluminium working on the remote control. This is a kitchen, which in a matter of seconds can find a laconic, “neat” appearance by hiding all small household items in its “body”. The main design feature is a narrow drawer for cutlery and accessories under the countertop. A complex structural element is a conjugation of elements from quartz (countertop and drawer) at an angle of 45 degrees. For the first time we demonstrate the facade of drawers made of quartz stone. Glasses and dishes for guests are conveniently stored in pencil cases and pendant modules from glass and aluminium. The high pencil case can perform a function of a bar. The kitchen can be supplemented with built-in pencil cases with additional household appliances. A new functional element is a console “suspended” table and open decorative shelves.


MATERIALS: facades – decorative concrete, painting metal-effect/ADLER), countertop, facades – quartz (SILESTONE), chipboard housing, sliding mechanisms on the control panel, tinted glass graphite, aluminium system AIR/ELIO

FITTINGS: Blum, vau sagel

AUTHOR: Maryna Cherkashyna