A new platform product from ELIO for bathroom. Complements the Rock collection. The layout consists of pendant modules with a panelling. Demonstrates the composition for the sink mounted on the countertop with a mixer tap from the wall. It is equipped with a pendant narrow pencil case with sliding façades in one level from the mirror, in the iphone (elio) profile, with LED linear lighting, an open module and closed pencil cases with shelves from glass. An additional functional and decorative element is a pendant shelf from metal for towels. The wall-adjacent panel is equipped with a console shelf from acrylic stone with accessories (glasses for toothpaste and brushes, soap dish, etc.) The accent colour is copper. A complex structural element is a conjugation of elements from quartz (countertop and drawer) at an angle of 45 degrees. For the first time we demonstrate the façade of drawers made of quartz stone.


MATERIALS: facades – decorative concrete, painting metal effect/ ADLER), countertop, facades – quartz (SILESTONE), chipboard housing

FITTINGS: Blum, mixal

AUTHOR: Maryna Cherkashyna