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Lexusexhibition displays

TASK: to build within 10 days two full-featured exhibition displays with the total area of 1700 square meters with independent fully-operational lounge zones, bars and car exhibition spaces. These projects were extra challenging
because the most relevant displays of Toyota/Lexus shown in Geneva in March were designed and built by us in May of that same year in Kyiv.

“Kyiv Automotive” Kyiv Expo Plaza Year of realization – 2007, 2008
Project – b + s exhibitions GmbH

“Lexus City Plaza” Car Salon in Mechnikova Street, Kiev
Year of realization – 2007

As the result of successful implementation of exhibition stands by ELIO, the president of Toyota Ukraine Atsuya Kondo decided to create the 1st official Lexus Showroom in the Shopping Center PARUS, entrusting the realization of
this project to ELIO as general contractor.