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CARBON - a kitchen with a masculine character. In the language of perfumers, her description would have sounded like “a composition with a strong woody note at the beginning and a charcoal note at the heart”.

Storage panels and appliances are hidden behind natural veneer panels. Only the main functional module with graphite facades from the finest porcelain stoneware and a contrasting working surface is distinguished.

The line that cuts the dark volume, which exposes the wooden base and connects all the modules into a single composition, is a distinctive feature of the CARBON collection. This high-tech element is formed by cutting at a 45 ° angle a durable work surface material. The facades of the drawers are also made with a cut of 45 °. A sideboard with glass doors complementing the composition emphasizes the openness of the kitchen to interact with the space of the dining room and living room.
tinted glass, natural veneer, granite (thickness - 3 mm);
textured Silestone, Dekton, satin toughened tinted glass, porcelain stoneware.
Blum, Hawa, Vauth-Sagel.
Paneling that hides storage systems - unique spaciousness
Cutting countertops and facades at 45 degrees
Laconic overhanging convex volume of the working area
Hidden pencil cases for household appliances and storage areas with a sliding facade opening system
Wine bar with modules for storing wine, glasses and accessories
The perfect combination of surfaces - natural wild oak veneer and graphite-colored porcelain.
carbon kitchen
in the interior
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future is now
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