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IQ Business Center

IQBusiness Center INTERIORS IQBusiness Center TASK: finishing works in atrium enclosure formed as a toroid covered with veneer with the penetrating columns. At the time of the project realization the

Dog ate pigeon | Restaurant

Dog ate pigeonRestaurant INTERIORS Dog ate pigeonRestaurant The author’s decision to make a restaurant facade using natural oak posed a challenge. The exterior details were treated with a special compound,

4Room | shopping center

4Roomshopping center INTERIORS 4Roomshopping center TASK: finishing decoration using complex interior elements in the “modern classic” style within 3.5 months. The scope of work included more than 200 boutiques located

Park | congress and exhibition center

Parkcongress center INTERIORS Parkcongress center TASK: to create acoustic response in the conference room according to European standards while using modern materials. For the congress-hall interior, ELIO chose decorative panels

Ocean Plaza | mall

Ocean Plazamall INTERIORS Ocean Plazamall TASK: turn-key space-styled interior design solutions using corean. Elio created the entire project and implemented the central reception desk that today adorns the main entrance

Baby Dior | boutique

Baby Diorboutique INTERIORS Baby Diorboutique The first experience in the realization of Premium class boutiques. The start of cooperation with Vladislav Burda. TASK: the main requirement was to make an

Monnalisa | boutique

Monnalisaboutique INTERIORS Monnalisaboutique Realization of the interior for “MONNALISA” boutique is the continuation of cooperation with Vladislav Burda. The task was complicated by the furniture curved in 3 dimensions. “MONNALISA”,

Individual projects | apartment

Individual projectsapartment INTERIORS Individual projectsapartment TASK: to create a cozy apartment for a young couple with focus on the European standards of housing. In that apartment the following zones were

Lexus | exhibition displays

Lexusexhibition displays INTERIORS Lexusexhibition displays TASK: to build within 10 days two full-featured exhibition displays with the total area of 1700 square meters with independent fully-operational lounge zones, bars and