dressing room


AIR & OTIUMdressing room

The new product of 2017 was created by ELIO’s R&D

MATERIALS: Glass, aluminum (ELIO development), structural laminated material, wooden veneer, eco-leather

TECHNOLOGIES: The framework of air dressing-rooms is made of aluminum shapes, developed by ELIO company, and produced by the European corporate group. Aluminum shapes are covered by wear-resistant powder coating made in Austria.


AIR Dressing-room System created with the use of glass and aluminum. The new model is a hi-tech product. It provides easy and convenient storage of the necessary accessories for kitchen, plumbing tools, flatware, accessories for living rooms. In addition to the above the platform looks ultra-modern and innovative, so it easily fits into the interior of any style and content. Key features of the new system are – lightness, functionality and laconic design along with wide variety of colors and textures. You can choose among the simulation of fabric, leather, and create mirror-like and smoke effects – your boldest desires will be realized. At the same time, regardless of the design you have chosen, the only thing remains unchanged: the high quality and ease of use.


Sliding doors ELDOOR Otium with glass in a thin aluminum profile – a ready-made solution for those who seek comfort and value maximum opportunities without worries. The new product lineup of the sliding interior partitions allows to easily zone space, without overloading its volume or overlapping “air” in it. These door systems help to conveniently organize areas of the interior for various functional purposes, which at the same time will look stylish, elegant and ultra-modern!
The main advantage, besides the functionality, is the decorative glass with the netted texture made of stainless thread. Doors come in different color groups. For aluminum doors – it is titanium, white and black, and also matte and champagne. Also, different shades are created for glasses: diamond, bronze, graphite, smoky, metallized glass with net. Selecting the door becomes a pleasure, and its use in the interior becomes real delight and a fascination.

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 1024x768(2) AIR & OTIUM2