ELIO furniture projects come to life on the high-precision German equipment HOMAG. Local production has the advantage of the ability to create a small series of furniture for unique design projects. ELIO follows the Toyota Company’s management culture: each employee has their clearly defined authority and responsibility at every stage of production.

ELIO’s policy is to implement customer projects as accurately as possible. We make sure that the final product is exactly what the client’s project specifies. All products are modeled in 3D and then CNC-manufactured on the equipment from HOMAG Group. Our company utilizes a unique digital technology for producing large 3D-pieces using a 5-axis machine HOMAG and a high-temperature press. Deadlines are met thanks to the production setup based on the principles practiced by Toyota.
High-precision measurements: ELIO is the first company in Ukraine, which has bought a unique tool for 3D-scanning from Leica. It allows for measurements in 3D-format with the radius of 50 m and with the accuracy of ± 2 mm over 10 m. 3D-measurements are given in dxf format. Thanks to this equipment, our designers perfectly adapt your project on the basis of the existing construction base.


ELDOOR is a unique lineup of aluminum frameless doors. It is a serial product of ELIO factory that offers simplicity of lines and forms, maximum functionality, light and free space. ELDOOR door design is a universal platform, where variety of materials and sizes allows for individual traits in any interior. Time to manufacture a door unit is 2 weeks, the aluminum frame takes up to 3 days to make. High-quality sound insulation and smooth opening is guaranteed by careful selection of door accessories. 3 basic colors of aluminum profiles and 45 types of door materials in various combinations.

In 2014 a new of ELIO was launched: kitchen furniture ELNOVA. The solid foundation of ELIO’s production capacity and collaboration with famous designers made sure that the brand was up and going strong soon after launch. Now it a solid fact that ELNOVA is well known to Ukrainian consumers and deserves its success. ELNOVA furniture received significant awards: Best Mebel UA 2014 / Kiff2014, Best Mebel UA 2015 / Kiff2015 and Mebel UA 2016 / Kiff 2016.